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What’s Food Got to Do With It!?!? – SCAFA

What’s Food Got to Do With It!?!?

Food is an essential for your daily functioning, right? But making food fun, enjoyable and memorable is a choice you got to make.

Have to catch up with a friend? Have it over a coffee! Have to surprise your wife or husband? Take them out to a fancy restaurant. Plan an outing with friends? Pick your favorite café! Have to present a business proposal? Working lunch always works (wink)!  After all, FOOD’S got everything to do with it! Good food puts you in a good mood.

Food is a Sign

When a colleague invites you to a home-cooked meal, it is a sign that you are now promoted to friendship. When a partner cooks food for you, it is a hint towards a proposal. Home-Cooked food invitation symbolizes a whole new level of trust and understanding between individuals.

Food is Comfort

When anyone is feeling sad, we bring them ice-cream to cheer them up. When we are feeling low, we order our favorite food and instantly feel better. Mother’s hand-cooked meal is as comforting as a warm quilt on a snowy day.

Food is a Recollection

We remember weddings by the food we ate there. We reminisce the food we ate on our first date. Food entices all 5 senses and hence, the food in relation to an event is so deeply engraved in our brains.

Food is a Connection

Ever heard ‘my mother’s mother used to make it like this’? There’s your link, your connection to your ancestors, even if they are no more there. A certain style of cooking or a certain recipe is passed down and is part of your heritage now!

It’s fascinating how food can be a centre of so many things. Hence, Food’s Got Everything To Do With It!

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