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SCAFA chosen to represent UAE in the Young Chef Olympiad (YCO) 2024, the world’s largest Olympiad for culinary students.


What's food got to do with it!?

Food is an essential for your daily functioning, right? But making food fun, enjoyable and memorable is a choice you got to make. Have to catch up with a friend? Have it over a coffee! Have to surprise your wife or husband? Take them out to a fancy restaurant. Plan an outing with friends? Pick your favorite café! Have to present a business proposal? Working lunch always works (wink)!  After all, FOOD’S got everything to do with it! Good food puts you in a good mood.

Food is a Sign :

When a colleague invites you to a home-cooked meal, it is a sign that you are now promoted to friendship. When a partner cooks food for you, it is a hint towards a proposal. Home-Cooked food invitation symbolizes a whole new level of trust and understanding between individuals.


Food is Comfort :

When anyone is feeling sad, we bring them ice-cream to cheer them up. When we are feeling low, we order our favorite food and instantly feel better. Mother’s hand-cooked meal is as comforting as a warm quilt on a snowy day.

Food is a Recollection :

We remember weddings by the food we ate there. We reminisce the food we ate on our first date. Food entices all 5 senses and hence, the food in relation to an event is so deeply engraved in our brains.

Food is a Connection :

Ever heard ‘my mother’s mother used to make it like this’? There’s your link, your connection to your ancestors, even if they are no more there. A certain style of cooking or a certain recipe is passed down and is part of your heritage now!

It’s fascinating how food can be a centre of so many things. Hence, Food’s Got Everything To Do With It!

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Culinary Arts is the art of cooking. Chefs put in their skill, effort and imagination into creating a piece of art that is meant to be appetizing. We all judge food by the way it looks, how it is presented, how it smells and of course, how it tastes, and in some cases what after-taste it leaves.