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Why SCAFA Culinary Institute is a good fit for so many students?

Industry’s Top Chefs

All classes taught by the industry’s top chefs

Culinary Focused Programs

Program focused on culinary operations

Affordable Tuition

Immersive, hands-on, apprenticeship-style, affordable culinary training

Scafa Top Programs

Best Culinary School

SCAFA is found in Dubai and Lahore, as well as a partner with Beirut based institute Al Kafa'at Catering School

Scafa Philosophy

SCAFA exists for the success of its students. Our aim is not to simply be the best School, have the best facilities etc. – our aim is to align everything we do to ensure the success of our students after they leave SCAFA.
We try to achieve this objective through various means. We take a modern approach to culinary arts and therefore to our teaching. Our students learn traditional skills but are also armed with skills that foster creativity and enable innovation that goes beyond tradition. This is what we see as the great event in the culinary world over the last couple of decades and this is the phenomena we teach our students to be a part of.
To achieve this philosophy, we identify and recruit outstanding instructors from around the world who then get to work teaching what we consider to be one of the best curriculums there is.

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The largest Vocational Culinary Institute in the Middle East and South-East Asia