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The Pro-Kitchen Program is a 3-month program that is designed to train beginners up to international professional cooking standards with commensurate qualifications. Upon successfully completing the program students will achieve an international diploma and will have skills suitable to start their careers as chefs.

The program not only offers the benefits of exposure to Hot and Cold Kitchen training but also allows for international acknowledgment of the time and experience you will have gained here under the guidance of our efficient and fabulous chef instructors.

The focus of this program is on teaching students fundamental techniques of cooking and food handling. It also prepares students to become professional chefs suitable for entry-level positions (commis) in any restaurant kitchen globally.

Students spend 90% of their time learning culinary techniques with the remainder of their program devoted to the application of these acquired skills to world cuisine.

All subjects are developed and taught in a practical environment (90% hands-on) where students will be able to learn, understand create and develop their cooking skills.

Upcoming Session: 16th January, 2023 & 28th February, 2023

Week 1 to 4 Knife Skills, Stocks, Vegetable Dishes, Mother Sauces
Week 5 to 7 Poultry, Fish, Red Meat
Week 8 to 10 Baking, Pastry, Dessert
Week 11 to 13 Cuisines of the World

Duration and Timings :

3 months (5 days a week from Monday to Friday 9 AM to 2 PM).



  • KHDA Certification
  • City & Guilds 8604-01 Level 2 Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking (Culinary Arts) – IVQ

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