Scafa Dubai

SCAFA chosen to represent UAE in the Young Chef Olympiad (YCO) 2024, the world’s largest Olympiad for culinary students.


SCAFA will host your team-building events whether it is a corporate team-building event or a birthday cooking party. Our purpose-built cooking school and restaurant is able to comfortably host you and is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to conduct these events in a modern and friendly atmosphere. There are 3 formats for our Team Building Events


Group Size: 10 – 20

Intimate and meaningful, this event will foster closer bonds between teammates and is a feel-good program for all the staff. The team works together to complete tasks in order to prepare a 3 -course meal. Throughout the party, there will be opportunities for them to have fun and get to know each other better. In the end, everyone sits down to the sumptuous meal they’ve prepared themselves.


Group Size: 10 – 60

In the Kitchen Challenge, the group will be divided into smaller teams and assigned to different stations to prepare a 3-course gourmet meal. The teams will compete against each other in creating the same starter, main course, and dessert. Will your team pass the Kitchen Challenge and use their individual skill sets to bring something to the table?

Celebrate your victory by sitting down together for a glorious meal that embodies the result of your hard work and team spirit! This particular format is a fun event with a hint of competition.


Group Size: 30 – 200

At SCAFA, we have run events for large groups from 30 up to 200 people where everyone gets involved in a cooking challenge. Get the teams to be creative and make a lot of food and noise in this crazy culinary event. 10 teams will compete in 6 culinary challenges (such as sushi rolling, chocolate mousse making, pizza creating, ravioli rolling, ceviche chopping, and spring roll plating). Scores will be tallied, and one team will rule them all.In the end, everyone sits down to a sumptuous 3-course dinner prepared and served by SCAFA.