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SCAFA’s Pro-Pastry programme is a full-time pastry-only programme, for students seeking professional pastry skills and certification. The programme teaches comprehensive skills in the following areas: breads, pastry, amuse-bouche, baking, cakes, hot and cold desserts. The Pro-Pastry programme is a 450 hour programme that is dedicated to teaching baking.   Following sessions: June 2022 July 2022 Sep 2022 Oct 2022   SCAFA’s Professional Pastry programme is the region’s only curriculum dedicated to teaching pastry to students aspiring to attain professional pastry standards. Classes run 5 days a week from Sunday to Thursday for 13 weeks. The first 11 weeks are about building pastry skills and practicing these skills alongside or combining other techniques. The last 2 weeks are focused more on catering & production where students will be running the school cafe known as SCAFE. The focus of this experience is to give the Pro Pastry students the chance to develop concepts and be creative in a “real-time” environment. The final stage of the programme is a 3-day practical and written assessment. Timings for this programme are usually from 9 am – 2 / 3 pm* (our class timings vary depending on the speed and interest shown by students; we also provide the option of extra hours for practice or additional assistance should you require).   This 400+ hour programme focuses entirely on pastry and related areas such as the science behind pastry, pastry and baking basics, measurements, cake decorating, chocolate, sugar work, hot and cold desserts, bread and much more. We believe that students who join our programme would be gaining one or all of these 4 critical areas:   Building extensive knowledge about the pastry kitchen and the techniques of a pastry chef Build speed in being able to manage multiple tasks at one time and being able to produce results faster Build organization skills in managing work space and cleanliness of work space Being a good team player for joint tasks in the pastry programme (catering activity) as well as a good leader during the restaurant week of the programme which is during week 12 of the programme   The Professional Pastry programme results in a City and Guilds Level II Diploma (8065-03) in Food Prep and Cooking (Patisserie). In addition to the UK diploma, you will receive a SCAFA Certification, as well as an attested pastry chef qualification from Government of Dubai’s Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA).   The program fee (single student) including an instalment option, is detailed on the next page; the program fee covers the following: Study materials for the course Ingredients, Tools & Equipment Uniforms (2 Jackets,2 Pants, 2 Aprons, 1 Chef Hat) Chef knife and paring knife    

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Please note fee is AED 1500 + VAT for 3 months visa. Please share your passport details to be able to check on visa ability. This is through an agent we work with, and these are their rates. You can also apply for your own 3-month visa with your own travel agent should you prefer.

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