Fundamentals of Pastry

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Course Description

For avid bakers looking to ‘shape up’ & ‘mold’ some of their own baking, pastry, and dessert skills. The program follows the following key areas: pastry, desserts, baking, bread, chocolates, and macrons. The program that we have designed is a program that can be taken as a series of individual classes, focusing purely on the basics and fundamentals of baking and desserts.


Students will be awarded certification duly attested by the Government of Dubai’s Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA)

Classes Techniques
Desserts i – Gelatin Cheesecake (No Bake)
– Crème Caramel
– Apple Crumble
Pastry i – Choux Pastry
– Crème Patisserie
– Pate Brisee
Baking Savoury – Focaccia
– Pizza Base
– Quiche
Chocolate – Chocolate Truffles
– Chocolate Cake
– Chocolate Mousse
Macaroons – Macaroons
– Panna Cotta
– Filling
Desserts ii – Fruit Mousse
– Poached Pear
– Tiramisu
Pastry ii – Puff Pastry
– Croissant
– Pain au chocolat
Baking Sweet – Banana Bread
– Madeline
– Torta Tres Leches
Chocolate ii – Tempering
– Bon Bons
– Filling(s)
Breads – Challah<
– Whole Grain
– English Muffin