Scafa Mission

At SCAFA our mission is to ensure the greatest success possible for our students on the international culinary arts stage. Every aspect of SCAFA is constantly optimized to this objective – from the caliber of our full time and visiting faculty, the content of our programmes, the equipment our students build their experience on, to the organizations that offer our students work placement. In each of these our objective is guided by the question “does this serve the future success of our students?”.

Scafa Vision

To be the first and only destination for professional culinary education seekers, and to leave an imprint in the world of cooking by graduating professional and talented chefs.


Scafa Value

We are keen to provide the best equipment and products to our kitchen and to promote public health and safety in them.
We combine and maximize the strengths of our team members and to ensure that they collaborate as best as possible.
We ensure to hire the most experienced and professional instructors in the world.
We ensure a rigid adherence to hygiene and food safety to integrity in the delivery of programs and examinations.