Scafa Services


Scafé Bistro

Scafé Bistro is the student training restaurant of SCAFA. It is where advanced students hone their skills under the close supervision of our chef instructors, develop their culinary talents to fine dining standards, and at the same time learn about the business side of the food and beverage business. The menu is the outcome of each student batch and is refreshed with each student batch.


Scafa Consulting

SCAFA provides clients with restaurant consulting services that focus on kitchen operations, menu development, fit out and staff training. SCAFA has helped over 28 entrepreneurs in the Arabian Gulf region and South Asia during the last 6 years by delivering consulting to prospective, first stage and growth seeking food service businesses. On the business and management side of the culinary world, we deploy instructors who have been successful in business and offer invaluable information on areas such as: controlling costs, developing business plans, creating control forms, service management, kitchen design and organisation, learning sourcing and purchasing. The key deliverable SCAFA looks to achieve for its clients is consistency through standardisation. These clients include: Start-ups/first time entrepreneurs, Food services businesses wanting to prepare standard processes to enable expansion, franchising, etc., Established food service businesses looking to refresh their product offering and Food product development for retail.