Menu Development Consultancy

Building a positive reputation and earning the customers’ trust in the restaurant business requires a deep understanding of restaurant operations, customer expectations and many other industry’s related factors as a whole. SCAFA’s highly talented chefs and food development experts will create the ideal, on-trend menu that is specially designed to fit your brand story and kitchen niche, offering you a comprehensive overview and thorough analysis of all aspects of your business.
Creating the perfect menu is a mix of art and science, and that is exactly what our team can provide. We will craft a well-balanced menu for your restaurant, depending on your brand’s story, guest demographics, local ingredients and specialties.
We will walk you through this process step-by-step, and prepare you to make the decisions that will ultimately lead to a more cohesive team, larger ticket averages, more regular customers and decrease customer frequency between visits.

360 Degree

We provide full 360 holistic approach of menu development, as we believe is the main factor of the profitability of any F&B business. Understanding the popularity of different menu items and how to place them on the menu is an important aspect to understand, and this is exactly where our team are experts.

Your Bespoke

Whether creating a new concept or reviewing your current menu proposition - we base everything on your brand story, vision and values.
Designing, developing and refining your products, dishes or full menus to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Operation focused model

A well-developed menu is only one side of the coin; operation is the other. Success is always in details. With our long experience with kitchen operation, every part of the operation is planned, with process guides and best-in-class training materials for consistent execution. Your team will be trained and supported by our experts.


At SCAFA, we breath the world of food and hospitality.
With our knowledge of emerging consumer and food trends, we can help you create the best menu for your business to drive sales and satisfy your guests with on-trend dishes that leave an impression.

Commercial Feasibility

We will help you create an offer that is future-proof. Delivering commercially viable menus that maximize sales mix potential, backed up by strategic planning. This ensures that all dishes and recipes are fully costed, supply chains created, and labor models drafted.