Pro Pastry

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Course Description

SCAFA’s Pro-Pastry program is a full-time pastry-only program, for students seeking professional pastry skills and certification. The program teaches comprehensive skills in the following areas: bread, pastry, amuse-bouche, baking, cakes, hot and cold desserts.

Key features of the program are:

  1. Pro-Pastry students work on their own and every student completes each session’s requirements by the end of the class.
  2. The Pro-Pastry program is a 450-hour program that is dedicated to teaching baking.
  3. SCAFA ensures a Teacher-Pupil Ratio of 1:6. Whenever there are more than 6 students in the class, the school will ensure the presence of a second teacher so that each student gets the individual attention necessary for a professional culinary program.
  4. Ingredients, equipment, and supplies needed for each class are included in the course fee and provided to each student individually at the beginning of the class.
  5. Classes for the Pro-Pastry program take place every Sunday to Thursday, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM


SCAFA’s Pro-Pastry certificate attested by the KHDA (Knowledge & Human Development Authority of Dubai) certification & City & Guilds 8065-03 Level 2 Diploma in Food Prep and Cooking (Patisserie)


The program is open to all students and will cover the following areas:

Week 1 – Food Safety
– Weights, measures, scaling, and conversions
Week 1 & 2 – Basic artisan and ethnic bread
Week 3 – Practical baking techniques
Week 4 – Pastry doughs, pies, sauces, and fillings
Week 5 – Cream, custards and icing
Week 6 – Soufflés and frozen desserts
Week 7 – 8 – Specialty cakes, gateaux, and torte
Week 9 – Chocolate
Week 10 – Sugar Work
Week 11 – Amuse Bouche
Week 12 – 13 – Plating and presentation styles