From the time it was conceptualized in 2010, we at SCAFA had one goal; becoming a pioneer in culinary world. With a lot of commitment, experience and passion, we are today the SCAFA leading institute for culinary arts education.
In order to always be in the front, we continue to introduce best practices in contemporary culinary techniques through curriculum development coupled with industry partnerships with leading employers and innovators l for the benefit of our students.
We believe in what we do, and we have faith that our students are the future leaders, business owners, and culinary professionals who are dedicated to learning about food, food science and entrepreneurship in an atmosphere of mutual respect, personal integrity, and team work.
SCAFA chef courses offer full-time, intensive training and incorporate accredited, internationally recognized chef qualifications that are valued by employers around the world. Our graduates have an excellent record of success upon graduation, securing exciting positions in top kitchens or launching their own businesses.

SCAFA offers a full spectrum of culinary programs and activities.
These include:

Programs for amateurs and hobbyists
Children’s classes
Team building and group cooking activities
School trips
Gelato classes
Professional Italian Cuisine
Intensive Pizza Course

We also offer menu development consultancy for the development, standardization and documentation ofmenus. Our clients include restaureurs, caterers, health for providers, children’s meals and packaged meals.

We are passionate about what we do, and we will continue to expand our reputation as a visionary and successful Culinary Arts centre for academics, in food quality, in service, in revenue, and in competition.

Scafa Philosophy

SCAFA exists for the success of its students.

Our aim is not to simply be the best School, have the best facilities etc. – our aim is to align everything we do to ensure the success of our students after they leave SCAFA.

We try to achieve this objective through various means. We take a modern approach to culinary arts and therefore to our teaching. Our students learn traditional skills but are also armed with skills that foster creativity and enable innovation that goes beyond tradition. This is what we see as the great event in the culinary world over the last couple of decades and this is the phenomena we teach our students to be a part of.

To achieve this philosophy, we identify and recruit outstanding instructors from around the world who then get to work teaching what we consider to be one of the best curriculums there is.