SCAFA's Chefs wow the crowd at the AlIslami Kitchen On Ice

06 June,2016

SCAFA's Chef Francisco, Chef Emily, Chef Sam, and Chef Luther were amongst the multi-talented senior Chefs who wowed the audience at the Kitchen On Ice event. The event was further brightened thanks to the presence of popular celebrity chefs such as Chef Roya, Chef Bella and Chef Wadad. Each of the chefs gave wonderfully interactive live cooking demos and helped the audience members learn the latest tips and techniques to ensure a healthy and tasty Ramadan.

The event was organized by AlIslami with SCAFA as main partner, and was held on the Dubai Mall ice rink on the 3rd of June. 

The mall-goers flocked into the venue as the chefs presented 20 minute cooking demos using AlIslami food items  and specialized cooking skills. The recipes presented by the chefs gave innovative twist to otherwise common  household frozen food items.

 SCAFA's students were present on hand to help the chefs in preparing the tasty recipes and were present  throughout the duration of the event.


SCAFA Chefs Judge the AlIslami Cooking Competition

The AlIslami cooking competition was one of the highlights of the event. Participants had registered for the competition by sending in their recipes through Facebook and the top four were invited to cook their recipes live  at the Kitchen On Ice. SCAFA's top chefs were given the task of evaluating the dishes cooked by the four finalists.

The competitors loved the chance to interact with some of Dubai's top chefs and expressed their interest in learning to cook professionally through SCAFA's internationally accredited cooking programmes.




Runner-ups of the competition were given complimentary gifts while the winner won five free cooking classes at SCAFA, Dubai's best cooking school.

Interacting with SCAFA’s top Chefs

The audience members were able to interact with the chefs and even got the chance to taste the food items prepared by chefs. Some of the audience members were lucky enough to cook with the chefs.

Amongst other tasty dishes, SCAFA's chefs cooked Chicken Lollipop & Date BBQ sauce, Spring rolls & sweet & sour sauce, Chicken casserole & quinoa, Mushroom breadless burger, Vietnamese Spring roll, Mushroom breadless burger, Cheese samosa with tomato & olive dip, Omani chips burger, Strawberry Mahalabia, Chicken Mousakhan Fateh and Chicken samosa & apple chutney.


Chef Francisco had a healthy little cooking competition with one of SCAFA's students and the audience loved the sauces prepared by both, master and student.

Chef Sam gave one of the audience members a chance to cook with him and the audience loved the wit and humour that he brought to the stage and in his food.

Chef Luther called up two aspiring little children to cook with him and gave them a chance to cook with him and experience cooking techniques used by professional chefs.


Kiddie Corner


Parents and guardians amongst the audience members were able to enjoy the cooking sessions while their children enjoyed their own cooking sessions in the Kiddie corner. The children prepared a variety of different recipes and loved wearing their chef hats after they wrote their names on them. SCAFA's chefs took special care to ensure that the food items were healthy and safe for the young ones to prepare and consume.

Some of the toddlers spent the day colouring their heart out using the colouring books and pencils provided by the AlIslami crew members, while others simply couldn't get enough of the chef experience with Chef Alisa.




SCAFA's students present at the event also helped to prepare and serve canapés to keep the audience members munching during the event. SCAFA's chefs and chef students served finger food using AlIslami's frozen food items, served with unique sauce combinations, to give visitors a taste of something new.